[VIDEO] Leaderboard – Gia DeRose

We sat down with Gia DeRose and discussed her rise in leadership and how we can get more women into sales...

July 25, 2021

Leaderboard – Gia DeRose

Meet the sales leader with the most incredible title in the world. Gia DeRose is the Senior Director of Sales Productivity at Hootsuite and leads two critical teams – sales development and sales enablement.

And she's doing a lot of hiring, so listen in to see which exciting roles she's looking to fill.

We also talked about her rise up the leadership ranks and how women and men both play a role in encouraging better representation across the sales organization.

We marked a few of our favorite quotes.

  • On similarities between a basketball team and a high-performing sales org:
"Top performers want to up-level everyone around them."

  • On why more women may not be applying to sales jobs:
"If women don't meet 80% of the criteria on a job description, they won't even apply. For men, it's only 30%."

  • On how men can amplify women voices in meetings:
"Be an ally and don't be afraid to give a +1 publicly."

  • On what happens when you learn her secret to overcoming the biggest challenge in SaaS and tech sales:
"This allows you to (work and) move at the speed of light."

  • On one of her favorite themes from Radical Candor:
"Friction is ok and should be celebrated."

Here's a table of contents with all the highlights:

1:07-1:55: How great sales organizations are like winning basketball teams.

2:19-2:55: What goes into leading a "sales productivity" function?

3:45-5:23: Gia's rise from individual contributor to leadership.

5:48-7:08: The biggest challenge in SaaS and tech sales and the secret to overcoming it.

8:07-11:16: How can we get more women into sales and sales leadership?

12:03-12:52: Gia is hiring for leadership, strategic, and individual roles!

13:15-14:22: Gia makes several book and podcast recommendations.

14:55-15:08: How to follow and reach out to Gia.

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