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The 5 Best Sales Communities – Ranked

We preview five sales communities to consider joining, but one stands above the rest as the winner...

January 8, 2022

The 5 Best Sales Communities – Ranked

By: Korrin Bishop

Several online sales communities exist for sales professionals to skillshare, find new opportunities, and connect with supportive ears. Below, we’ll introduce five – ranked in order – that may be the extra cheerleader we need in our sales role!

5. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is an online community of B2B sales professionals, with all of its content created by sales professionals themselves. The community has a low barrier to entry and is an easy way to connect with others in the field quickly.

Some of the community’s key highlights include:

  • Articles, Podcast, and Video Content: A powerful multi-media platform with resources for learning and discussion across sales topics is a differentiator.
  • Demo-litions: Two “sales nerds” critique real sales demos with tips for creating demos that sell.
  • Discussion Board: An open forum for members to ask questions and discuss topics within the industry is an added benefit.

Pricing: Free to join.

Pros: The targeted content and podcast are some of the best around.

Cons: It feels more like a content machine than a community.

4. RevGenius

RevGenius is a community of 17,000+ sales, marketing, rev-ops, and customer success professionals. The platform is helpful for anyone involved – directly or indirectly – with revenue. For Sales Development Reps and Account Executives, the community’s paid version boasts that it can help increase your prospecting by a minimum of 25%.

Some of the community’s key features include:

  • RevGenius Mag: A digital magazine and podcast covering various topics on sales, marketing, rev-ops, customer success, leadership, professional development, social selling, and technology is a member favorite.
  • Job Board: A curated resource for all the latest postings of opportunities in the sales and marketing industries.
  • Slack Channel: A live chat where members can ask and answer questions and network with other sales, marketing, rev-ops, and customer success professionals.

Pricing: Free option provides access to community events, email newsletter, magazine access, and Slack access. RevLeague option is available for $499/year and also includes a private Slack, contests, weekly roundtables, and more.

Pros: A free option is always good, and its job board offers a volume of opportunities.

Cons: Including customer success, marketing, and revenue operations makes calling this group a "sales" community a stretch.

3. Modern Sales Pros

Modern Sales Pros has a vision of “a world where all professionals have access to a high-quality peer learning community that reflects the diversity of the world we live in.” Membership is restricted to revenue leaders in sales management, marketing management, sales/revenue operations, and related supporting disciplines; this excludes AEs and individual contributor sellers.

Some of the community’s key highlights include:

  • Community Cultivation: An opportunity to meet 18,000+ sales leaders for peer learning, network, and connect.
  • World-Class Events: The membership offers both in-person and digital event opportunities. Past events have ranged from intimate invite-only dinners and peer-learning meetups to large community socials and happy hours.
  • Consolidated Knowledge: Curated content comes from some of the brightest minds in sales, including access to past discussion board questions and real-time conversations.

Pricing: Free to join.

Pros: One of the first sales communities and recognizable to many non-sales executives, daily activity reinforces member interaction.

Cons: Some group email threads annoyingly blow up your inbox, forcing members to turn off notifications altogether.

2. Bravado

Bravado is a B2B sales community of 130,000+ sales professionals. The community helps sales professionals level up their careers with a strong focus on peer-to-peer interaction.

The community includes three main features:

  • War Room: A discussion forum for sales professionals to network and have honest discussions about the industry. The platform is gamified to encourage engagement. Participants are allowed to post anonymously to support those looking for opportunities at new companies or otherwise ask hard questions.
  • Marketplace: Members can create a portfolio showcasing their work, including client testimonials. Fellow members can ask each other for warm intros to connections, and receive compensation if successful.
  • Mentorship: Members can apply to mentor college students and young professionals interested in a sales career or sign up to be a mentee. Bravado supports mentorship pairs through a 6-month program of content and Masterclass events.

Pricing: Free to join.

Pros: The only group offering a mobile app, real-time insights delivered in a Twitter-esque feed trump other communities' Slack channels or email communication.  

Cons: The overall vibe comes off – at times – as an unfiltered and less professional version of LinkedIn.

1. Pavilion

While many sales communities focus on networking, results, and other productivity measures, Pavilion does so while prioritizing care for its members as real people in need of support. The brand focuses on generosity, peer-to-peer learning, and acknowledging that the sales field can be lonely without meaningful connections.

  • Active Job Board: its newly launched job portal replaces the too-busy Slack channel and gives members the first preview of jobs before they are officially open. Often, the hiring manager posts this sneak peek directly to the community.
  • Opt-in Lunch Roulettes: some chapters offer a bi-weekly lunch "roulette" where you blindly agree to meet a fellow member (at the same membership level) for a virtual lunch and video chat in your same city.
  • Pavilion University: A variety of learning opportunities to help members reach their personal and professional goals. Some of the classes include Frontline Sales Manager School, Rising Executives School, Cold Emailing Course, Storytelling for Sales 101 Course, and Sales Development School.
  • Individual and Team Memberships: Opportunities for individual sales professionals to benefit from the community and sales teams to receive professional development.

Pricing: Ranges from $25 to $275 a month depending on the membership you apply to – Analyst, Associate, or Executive.

Pros: Best-in-breed with virtual networking and connection, learning courses are an extra cost but taught by proven practitioners.

Cons: "Quit, and you can never come back" is a turnoff; the price is high if you pay out of pocket.

Final Thoughts

Pavilion is the clear winner if we are further along in our sales career and looking for genuine networking and learning opportunities. Bravado, however, is an excellent runner-up based on its "War Room" feature and being free.


Korrin Bishop is a freelance writer and editor with publications in The Motley Fool, Sierra Magazine, Shelterforce Magazine, and Fodor's Travel, among others. You can learn more about her work and contact her at:

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