Making Steel Sexy

Making Steel Sexy Fresh off a seed round of $5.1 million, Felux wants to disrupt the world of steel and how it's...

February 19, 2022

Making Steel Sexy

Fresh off a seed round of $5.1 million, Felux wants to disrupt the world of steel and how it's bought and sold. And its head of business development is helping the company do just that with a unique set of skills and experience.

Grant Bordine spent over ten years in the steel and metals industry, selling to manufacturers across the country. Now he’s revolutionizing the industry with technology.

Here’s a look at what he’s learned along the way:

Get gritty

I started my sales career at Enterprise. Picking up customers, cleaning cars in my suit, and selling insurance to a demanding audience taught me what real life was like and how to develop relationship-building skills.

Learn by networking

Breaking into an unknown industry was challenging. I didn’t know anything about steel, let alone its impact on the overall economy. What helped me was learning from peers by asking lots of questions, and what I found was people were receptive to someone eager to learn.

Master your craft by turning around and teaching it

While I leaned a lot on peers and networking, I loved taking what I learned and sharing the information with others. Teaching others helps you analyze, adjust and accelerate your process and strategy.

Be flexible with your management style

As I moved into a leadership role, I focused on being flexible and finding solutions creatively. I’d ask myself, “how would I like to be managed?” while getting to know people’s ambitions, “what’s their motivation?”

When cold calling, remember we’re all humans

The person on the other line is a person, too.

Break your prospects’ status quo

Selling into steel is hard. It’s hard to tell prospects, “just because it’s worked the past 30 years doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do it this year.” Helping people realize a better way requires getting their story and then showing them how to accelerate that and become a long-term solution.

Again, people you’re prospecting are people, too

If they know you have genuine intentions in mind, they’ll want to do business with you. Build relationships because we all know referrals convert.

Connect with Grant

Today’s feature story is an inspiration for anyone looking to parlay their knowledge from a non-traditional sector like steel and move into B2B tech sales.

Keep an eye on Grant and Felux as he builds up the industry for the greater good. Connect with him on LinkedIn!

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