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Introducing a New 6-Part Series

We're dropping a six-part series to help solve the high-performing sales team puzzle so more of us hit our goals.

January 22, 2024

Our Upcoming 6-Part Series

Few professions would find this high failure rate acceptable. The most recent State of Sales report from Salesforce and RepVue's Hitting Quota in Tech benchmark confirms rep confidence is historically low, and reaching quota is more challenging than ever.

Forrester's research from last March claims only 47% of all B2B sales organizations hit quota. Then, shockingly, say, "That's not a bad thing."

Actually, it is bad. Jason Lemkin from SaaStr recently posted a LinkedIn poll with over 1,800 votes. The results show that 66% of us are burned out.

Unfortunately, since our provocative "Reverse Buffer" post almost three years ago, we've seen little change in how we set goals, hit goals, and outperform in sales.

Our hope with this series is to assess the current state and help solve the high-performing sales team puzzle so more of us hit goals, feel engaged, and take pride in the work we do every day.

Here's a sneak peek into what's in store over the next few weeks:

Part 1) Go-to-Market Strategy: Building a roadmap to master the marketplace.

Part 2) New Business Sales: Creating a framework to start and keep winning new deals.

Part 3) Customer Renewals: Keeping the excitement burning with existing customers to minimize churn.

Part 4) Expansion Sales: Growing and expanding happy customers.

Part 5) Sales Culture: Diving into the heartbeat of an engaged and motivated sales team.

Part 6) BIG Announcement: Wrapping up with a series summary and announcing something new from The Weekly Pitch

Over the next few weeks, we'll share plenty of insights and strategies with dashes of inspiration! Stay tuned for the first installment.

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