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Inside Dooly's Promise to Rid Sales Grunt Work

Vancouver-based Dooly affectionately leaned into their recent funding with branded “Series Eh!” swag. The company...

March 24, 2021

Vancouver-based Dooly affectionately leaned into their recent funding with branded “Series Eh!” swag. The company raised over $20,000,000 in a combination round of seed plus Series A investment earlier this month. That number isn’t all that impressive. The investor list is, however, and induces a double-take with the likes of SurveyMonkey’s CEO, the former CEO of Atlassian, and The Chainsmokers (yes, the electronic DJ duo). Dooly’s mission is simple: End pesky manual data entry that drives sales professionals crazy.

It has some tailwinds. According to the 2019 State of Sales Report from Salesforce, salespeople only spend 34% of their time selling with the remaining two-thirds spent on administrative tasks. And when Dooly adds strong language from their website like, “Instantly stop CRM suffering” and “Say goodbye to busy work you hate,” you start to understand why there’s a swell of interest from sales reps on the front lines.

While the tool includes features like Playbooks to help reps with talking points and Boards to keep pipelines updated in real-time, the killer app seems to be Notes. It syncs to Salesforce, so reps never have to leave Dooly to take notes, enter fields, or create new activities. The company counts Lessonly as a customer and one sales leader is a fan. Before using Dooly:

“The big issue was the (lack of) speed of note taking in CRM with lots of lagging, which resulted in people using their own systems or nothing being logged at all. One Account Executive shared she saves four hours a week using Dooly.”

The company counts other high-flying sales teams as customers too, including Asana, Contentful, and Intercom. Ask any sales professional what they enjoy most about their job and note-taking won’t be mentioned. Ever. Structured notes from sales meetings and calls are important, yes, but reps get more energy from the actual art of selling, building relationships, and closing deals.

Like any software, it’s not perfect. Though Dooly offers several integrations, Salesforce is the only CRM on the menu. Reps are currently out of luck if they use HubSpot or Dynamics. The Salesforce integration itself could also improve. One enterprise sales manager for Contentful said, “The reps like it, however, it is not tightly integrated into Salesforce (as we need it to be), which takes some development effort for us to use to the fullest extent.”

What makes this software stand out is where it sits on the sales productivity spectrum. While many tools exist to create more efficient workflows, Dooly promises to do some of that work for you. It delivers real productivity gain by removing pain. It's a must-try for your sales stack.

For more information, register here for Dooly. Any sales rep or team can get started for free on their own and secure workspace in less than 30 seconds. Users can easily connect Dooly out of the box to Salesforce, Slack, G-Suite, and more. Reps can be unlock all features for as little as $25 per user/month. Sign up now before your competitors do.

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