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Deal of Fortune – Olivia Tetegan

Olivia Tetegan wakes each morning from beautiful Barcelona and always starts with a 10-minute meditation session...

July 3, 2021

Meditate First, Sell Second

Olivia Tetegan wakes each morning from beautiful Barcelona and always starts with a 10-minute meditation session.

"I want to make sure that I will accept and manage every situation of the day with positivity and strength."

And positivity and strength helped her close a mega-deal with a French customer two years ago.

The deal size alone meant she and her team had a lot riding on whether Olivia could close it or not. Add in the end-of-year timing, and you understand why she meditates first, sells second. Olivia begins each day with a clear mind to withstand the ups and downs of closing deals. But in this case, she wanted so badly to win this account.

"It is a famous French toy brand. And I had a chance to close it during Christmas time!"

It was her first foray into a complex sales cycle, so she had to deal with many external and internal stakeholders. Working closely with her channel and product teams, they built a successful digital ads campaign to generate a significant amount of money for this retailer. And in retail, with razor-thin margins, every euro counts.

Another challenging component, naturally, was the season. "The company makes 60% of their turnover (revenues) during Christmas. It was a super busy time for the entire company."

Olivia's big win netted the company 100K€ (around $120K in USD) in the first three months! Now, after less than three years in the Account Executive role, she has been elevated to a senior closer and coach for her fellow sellers at Factorial.

Her top-selling superpowers?

  1. Forecasting deals accurately
  2. Time management
  3. Tracking metrics

The fast-growing SaaS startup (they've added nearly 100 people in the first half of the year) builds solutions for the HR function. Her focus is on helping the company move upmarket. Olivia is tasked with closing mid-market deals in the mid-five-figure to the low six-figure range. With a big deal under her belt, she has the confidence to close more of them.

Feel free to reach out and connect with Olivia on LinkedIn. We’re excited to follow her career and rise in the sales world!

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