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✂️ Cut Contract Review Time by 85%

Fresh off a $26 million raise, Robin AI aims to be the gold standard contract co-pilot. And sales reps can benefit.

January 6, 2024

✂️ Cut Contract Review Time by 85%

The legal world is buzzing with AI, none louder than Robin AI, a rising star snagging $26 million in funding. This legal copilot uses cutting-edge AI to automate contracts, review them 85% faster, and even understand what our agreements say with simple searches.

They've partnered with Anthropic; the AI whizzes behind Claude––a language model that quickly devours complex legal docs. Their hybrid model blends AI smarts with human lawyer know-how for extra accuracy.

Revenue soared 5x last year for the company that counts Pepsico and Yum! Brands as customers. But Robin AI's vision is more extensive than just speeding up contracts. They aim to build an AI platform for the entire legal world, helping with everything from drafting to research to explaining legalese.

Why Sales Pros Should Use Robin AI

We took the tool for a spin. After a simple sign-up, Robin AI asks for our primary use case. We chose "reviewing and negotiating contracts."

After uploading an employment agreement, here's what we found.

It's accurate.

Reps should consider Robin AI for the first exchange of edits before involving our CEO, head of finance, or legal team.

Robin AI claims an accuracy rate of 92% for contract review tasks, based on their internal testing, which involved comparing Robin AI's output to human-reviewed contracts.

Users have some slick options, such as choosing an NDA or Supplier Agreement and selecting a "light" or "aggressive" playbook, depending on our legal team's reputation. 😳

Our simple one-contract test pointed out we shouldn't agree to a non-solicitation clause that would prevent a said employee from recruiting others 12 months after the last day of employment. Makes sense.

(We switched to the "light" playbook, which suggested we counter and accept with six months.)

It removes friction.

Because its machine learning model is accurate, we can boldly drive faster timelines and signatures by promising our prospects and customers a quick turnaround of NDR or contract redlines (even faster if we're leading the first draft edits).

We can also easily compare the original version to the latest and download both options. With options to create a "Shared Contracts" group, edits are delivered instantly to customer contacts via notifications.

Speedier signatures mean shorter deal cycles for sellers and faster onboarding and time-to-value for our customers. It's a win-win!

Sign up for free, and ask our legal team to join, too! 😎


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