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Content at Each Sales Stage

Cushion our communications with related content at every stage of our deal. Don't over-engineer it; just time it...

February 26, 2022

Content at Each Sales Stage

Today, we’re featuring sequences and tips from, 30 Minutes to President’s Club, and more to help us with our communications at all stages in our sales process.

We know our prospects are getting slammed with emails, calls, and LinkedIn messages daily. The quality of our communications (versus the quantity) will win them over.

Cushion our communications with related content at every stage of our deal. Don't over-engineer it; just time it correctly.

Find and Explore (early deal stages)

Early on, it's all about prospecting and finding the right contacts to schedule discovery calls. To do that, we first need to stand out from the noise.

What’s the attention-getter? Hint: it’s not about us, our company, or our product. We know this is where we’re simply trying to hook our audience.

Take a problem-focused lens and make this about our prospect. Why should potential customers take a meeting with us? Because we recognize their problems.

Prove we understand their problems with content like:

  • Data points taken straight from industry-relevant reports or earnings calls
  • Quotes from influencers in the industry, their CEO, or the prospect themselves
  • Common ground (presence at an event, quotes from a webinar, shared personal connections, etc.) that explain why we’re crossing paths

→ Leverage the Cold Outbound Door Opener Sequence here!

Demo and get Consensus (mid-deal stages)

These stages are the middle ground of meeting our prospects at their problems and introducing our solution in finer detail. Typically, a demo takes place, and we're multi-threading with a group of stakeholders.

Highlight their problems but start connecting your product or service as a solution with content like:

  • Case studies: layer on the demographics we know. Make sure it’s relevant to their company size and industry.
  • Social proof: let our customers speak for us—link our company’s review sites and customer champion’s quotes here.
  • Tailored follow-up: after that team demo, make sure to send emails to each attendee with selling points that resonate with them individually.

→ Use the Deal Acceleration Sequence here!

Budget and Approval (late deal stages)

We’re close, but of course, no deal is final until we’ve got that signature. That doesn’t mean our communications should dwindle to the strict back and forth on logistics and DocuSign.

Make them eager to join our customer base and nudge them across the finish line with content like:

  • Welcome letter: work with our CEO and customer success leader to create an early welcome to our company.
  • Preview onboarding: give them a preview of what’s on the other side of the signature. Share onboarding next steps and get them excited about using our product or service.

These small, intentionally-timed additions to our communications will elevate our sales work that much more. Happy selling!

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