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🤩 5 Proven Tips for LinkedIn Prospecting

A new SDR shows us how to set a meeting using LinkedIn messaging. And it's brilliant. Five proven tips...

February 6, 2022

🤩 5 Proven Tips for LinkedIn Prospecting

Issa Leconte is only months into her new sales development role with Correlated, a hot startup that delivers product-qualified leads to sales teams. Her goal is to set 20 meetings a month.

From the looks of how she flows on LinkedIn, hitting that target will be easy peasy.

She took time out of her busy day to chat with The Weekly Pitch and share thoughts on this thread from connection to appointment booked!

#1: Let the connection simmer

Too many of us are eager to get the thread going immediately after a prospect accepts our connection. That's too predictable and a turnoff.

  • Issa's Take: Wait a few days to circle back, and connect with other buyer personas inside the potential customer organization.

#2: Start the thread with an attention-grabber

Three days later, Issa reached out to say she was talking about Irish beers with Eoin. Insert double take.

  • Issa's Take: Connect with Account Executives (or other relevant personas) who can make referrals and provide the conversation starter with decision-makers. And find keywords in the person's LinkedIn profile, like "expansion," and use them in the message.

#3: Make or save money for our prospects

Uncover fit with any potential customer through the lens of making or saving them money. (Solid advice for the entire buyer's journey from discovery call to closed-won.) It's that simple.

  • Issa's Take: Be direct with questions and explain why you're asking them. In this case, more qualified meetings to uncover expansion opportunities leads to revenue.

#4: Ask for the meeting after a few exchanges

Not surprisingly, the best meeting setters don't drag out LinkedIn threads infinitely. Get our prospects to take action after a few exchanges.

  • Issa's Take: At this point, drive to the outcome and set the meeting! I put the meeting link at the top. I will answer any final prospect questions below.

#5: Keep bringing the heat

Time is always a sales pro's worst enemy. Don't let it slip away. Issa was back at it first thing Monday morning.

  • Issa's Tip: Stay away from generic "did you see my last message?" responses and keep adding value.

More about Issa

Issa wanted to get into tech sales, so she applied and was accepted into the SDR apprenticeship program with Prehired.

The 9-month program taught her about the sales development process like qualifying leads and learning about critical tech stack tools like Salesforce, Zoominfo, and Salesloft.

It's early, but she's ecstatic to be in the SDR role. Every day brings a new challenge.

Fun facts about Issa: I grew up in Haiti, enjoy traveling, woodworking, and eating cheese even though I’m lactose intolerant.

Our favorite Issa post on LinkedIn:

"A big believer that in life, you don't ask, you don't get."

Connect with her on LinkedIn to learn more about Correlated!

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