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10 Signs You Have an Incredible Sales Culture

Part five of our six-part series looks at ten signs separating incredible sales cultures from the rest.

February 28, 2024

Part 5: Sales Culture

Part 1: Build a GTM Strategy

Part 2: Drive New Business Sales

Part 3: Confidently Renew Customers

Part 4: Drive Expansion Sales

Building a winning team goes beyond hiring top performers in the competitive sales world. It's about fostering a sales culture that motivates, empowers, and drives consistent success.

If we do these ten things, it's almost certain we're part of an incredible sales culture:

1. Engage the Middle: Remember the importance of your mid-level performers. Invest in their development, provide mentorship opportunities, and empower them to take ownership. Engaging mid-performers is often a better investment than time spent with consistent underperformers.

2. Recognize Non-Closing Activity: Sales is not just about closing deals. Acknowledge and reward the hard work of prospecting, qualifying leads, setting meetings, and moving deals to the next stage. This special recognition motivates effort and fosters a holistic view of the sales process.

3. Get Rid of the PIP: Ditch the fear-based tactics of Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs). Instead, focus on early and continuous development, providing constructive feedback and coaching opportunities to help struggling reps improve.

4. Keep Rep Calendars Full: A busy rep is happy. Providing reps with a steady stream of qualified leads, meetings, and follow-up appointments is a top priority for high-performing sales teams. The gold standard is to have at least ten hours of sales calls booked per week.

5. Pay Above Market: Competitive compensation attracts and retains top talent. Demonstrate our commitment to the team's success by offering competitive salaries, bonuses, and commission structures.

6. Play Nice with Other Teams: Sales doesn't operate in a silo—foster collaboration with other departments like marketing, customer service, and product development. Encourage open communication and teamwork to create a unified front for achieving organizational goals.

7. Sell with Purpose: Help our team connect with the bigger picture. Explain how our work contributes to the company's mission and how we are making a positive impact. This sense of purpose fuels motivation and engagement.

8. Set Clear Expectations: Ensure everyone understands roles, responsibilities, and performance metrics. Clearly defined expectations eliminate confusion, promote accountability, and help individuals track progress toward achieving goals.

9. Bring the Energy: A positive and energetic atmosphere is contagious. Encourage team celebrations, create recognition programs, and foster a collaborative spirit that keeps everyone motivated and inspired. And keep an air horn, cowbell, or gong at the ready.

10. Find a Leader Who Exemplifies These Values: Our sales leader sets the tone for the entire team. Choose a leader who embodies the values we want to cultivate. Someone who leads by example inspires confidence and fosters a supportive environment.

By focusing on these ten factors, we can cultivate a sales culture that fosters a sense of belonging, empowers individuals, and drives long-term success. Building a thriving sales culture is ongoing, but the rewards are worth the investment.

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